The Beauty of Reading

Reading is undoubtedly one of the greatest pleasures of today and takes various forms. Some individuals prefer only novels, whether modern or classical literature, such as Charles Dickens, or Tolkien. Others enjoy non-fiction as a means to explore more on their favourite subject or to educate themselves. Poetry is a popular option, and many a happy hour can be spent in the company of Wordsworth, Keats or Edgar Allan Poe. Of course, not all reading has to be highbrow, and blogging is another favourite pastime for many, whether writing or merely enjoying the latest updates on a particular blog.

The Delights of the Classics

3 Mar 2020

When thinking of classic literature, some may have distant memories of being forced to read these novels in the name of education. However, the stories themselves will always stand the test of time, and it is worth re-visiting these classics, but this time for pleasure.

Popular Genres

6 Feb 2020

There are many genres in literature, both modern and traditional. Some of the most popular include crime and thrillers, romance, young adult, science fiction and fantasy, and inspirational titles. With crime being top of the list, it seems we have developed a taste for the darker side of life.

What is a poetic life?

24 Jan 2020

It’s a big question, maybe the biggest, and that’s why it’s something that I keep hearing myself ask. I don’t know if there’s a clear answer, but for me a poetic life is one that embraces. It embraces ups and downs, hardships and happiness, loss and finding. And it must find a way to hold these fleeting moments still, to make sense out of something that seems senseless, or just silly.

Around it Goes

My own journey as a poet has led me to consider the dichotomy between choice and luck. I became enthralled with the idea of the roulette wheel and how it can determine fortunes. I did some research at and even learned a bit about the history of the wheel. It turns out is was first developed out of a failed experiment to create a perpetual motion machine.

That machine failed (which is probably good….otherwise roulette games would be endless!). But out of that failure came a form of entertainment that has life lessons in it. For me the roulette wheel - smiling on some, frowning on others - is the ultimate form of poetic justice. We are like Yeats poem, silent and unmoving at the center of a world revolving around us.

Characters More Famous Than the Books They’re In

16 Jan 2020

Several characters from literature have become household names, while the books they initially featured in have faded from memory. While everyone knows Sherlock Holmes, for example, only devoted fans of the Victorian-era detective are likely to know the names of the books that first catapulted him to stardom.